The best damn fat free, good for you fries!

I have been making these fat free fries for years now. At times a couple times a week (or everyday). Because they are just so damn yummy! And easy to make!


I mean, who doesn’t fucking love fries? The thing is, though, fat laden, ‘fried’ fries just aren’t good for you. All that oil is not healthy and can contribute to our major diseases. That’s no fun…

These fries, though. Damn!


I used to make them in ‘fry shape’, but now I love the little round chippies. Because it’s easier to scoop up the sauces/dressings that I have with it hehe


So, how to make them? Super easy!

You cut up your potatoes – which variety? Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much, I never had a bad outcome. Maybe don’t use mealy potatoes, but other than that, you’re good. I have to say, though: the most flavorful I had were the redskinned ones with fairly yellow flesh, like the ones in the pictures. But really, use what you have.

Shape-wise, you can do whatever you like, you just might have to adjust your time in the oven (you should keep an eye on them anyways).



Preheat your oven to about 200°C/390°F. Layer the potatoes on a piece of parchment paper. Or lay them flat. Depending on how many you make. We have pretty small baking trays,so I usually layer them to fit them on one tray.



Next, time to season them!

Here, you can use pretty much any spices you like. My go-to’s are garlic and onion powder, a mild curry and, I admit, a store-bought fry mix. I also love adding rosemary. I just pour them over the fries and off into the oven they go. The cooktime really depends on your oven, but mine usually take about 25-35 minutes to be done. After 25 minutes, take out one piece and test if it’s done. If not, give it a bit more time.



Pro Tip

I have just recently tried this the first time, and I loved it: if you have leftover potatoes in your fridge, use those! Boiling or parboiling them first gives them a softer inside and a crispier outside. They’re also usually done faster because they are already cooked. So if you have them, use them. If not, this is still an awesome method for tasty fries!



I love my fries with all kind of sauces – ketchup, curry ketchup, vegan mayo, salsa, bbq sauce.. really, just use what you like. And enjoy!!!


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